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Vegetables boiled shrimp dots swipe warehouse

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Ingredients: 35g dried shrimp (small) - cabbage 150g - 100g okra - spinach 150g - 150g elected - 10g chopped onion.
Seasoning: seasoning, sugar, fish sauce, pepper, cooking oil, salt.
- Shrimp soaked, rinsed. Cabbage square. Headless beans, cut in half. Spinach interrupt 6cm piece. Gourd peeled and sliced semicircle, 1cm thick.
- African onion with 1 M oil. Dried shrimp stir fry, boil water wedge 3 M, 1 M sauce, sugar 1.5 m, 1 m. Cook over low heat, the water has thick, sprinkle with pepper 1/2 m.
- Boil 1 liter of water, 1/2 m salt seasoning, seasoning 1/2 m. For okra, gourd, cabbage cooked, picked out. For spinach on vegetables with shrimp luoc.Cham swipe warehouse.
Tell you:
To green tops boiled vegetables, the vegetables into the water you are boiling.
Vegetables cooked, take out, soak in cold water immediately.
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