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Công ty CP Chế biến và Xuất khẩu Nước mắm Phan Thiết - Mũi Né xin kính chào quý khách

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Perhaps nowhere in the country with a unique sauce scent and taste her warm heart flutters sea as land in Phan Thiet.

Pte Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce was established and put into operation from the date of 07/3/2002. Business Registration License No. 4801000305 by Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Thuan province with the level of production and business sectors are: manufacturing and export processing fish sauce. The organizational structure consists of: Board of Directors, Executive rooms Administration- Organization, Finance and Accounting rooms, studio rooms and Technical Production – Processing.

From its founding date Pte Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce has affirmed its position in the field of fish sauce production under traditional methods, without using urea and banned toxic substances, are processed on the wire advanced production technology.

Way 10 years of operation, business has always focused investment and development in all aspects, from the expansion of production, processing, enhanced facilities chuop salt, to proactively create material for produce.

Enterprise business goes into production stable development, after 02 years since its inception, in 2004 enterprises Intellectual Property Department Vietnam exclusive certification trademarks, logos and industrial designs, while enterprises are:

+ Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee awarded many certificates of merit

+ The Ministry of Culture and Information awarded the prestigious brand in Vietnam.

+ Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development awarded the Gold Cup 40ml

+ Catalog products Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce are certified in line with ISO standard 5107: 2003 in accordance with Decision No. 148 / QDCN-VCB-SP dated 19/04/2010 of the General Director of JSC Certification VinaCert and Decision No. 1466 / QDCN-VICB-SP dated 07.10.2013 and valid until 09.07.2016.

+ 2009 by the Department of Science and Technology in Binh Thuan province certificate of geographical indications.

+ Catalog products Mui Ne Phan Thiet sauce has been granted a Certificate of Product Standards No. 156.157 / 2011 / dated 29/11/2011 ATTPBTh-CNTC’s Branch Food Safety and Hygiene Binh Thuan.

+ Achieve Gold Medal products 500ml.

+ Achieve Gold Medal for Food Safety.

+ 2012 is a quality management Departments of Agriculture and Forestry Fisheries Binh Thuan Province Certificate: Eligibility for food safety in the production, aquaculture businesses.

+ 2012 & 2015 are consistent Certification Center QUACERT Certificate: HACCP.


+ 2015 reaches Gold Cup brand products of high quality

+ 2015 reaches Gold Cup agriculture.


Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce is distilled from 100% fresh and salted anchovies. With traditional secret, is brewed according to traditional methods chuop natural and manufactured on advanced technology lines closed process, HACCP standards. Since it was created pure line anchovy sauce brings TASTY flavor – Purified Nutritious true quality TCVN 5107: 2003.


Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce won many medals, gold cup for sauce famous brands, customers should be trusted at home and abroad regularly and also a meaningful SPECIALTIES YOU that tourists everywhere arrival visit the resort in the coastal city as GIFT brought courtesy relativesand friends.

Please use the sauce of Phan Thiet – Mui Ne our company, for the benefit and health of every family.