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Nail fried pork sauce

29/12/2016 2584 views
Mong pork: 500g
Five spices: 1/5 m
Minced garlic
Salach, tomatoes
frying oil
1/2 M Street 1m sauce, MSG ground pepper 1/2 m 1/4 m
Mong shaving pigs, boiled in water solution, the salt wedge 1m, 1m road, five spices, about 30 minutes, then take out, tight split fried golden flakiness aqueous phase sauce, sugar, MSG 4M broth with oil to the pan and stir to dissolve the aromatic garlic sauce to blow your fluid to boil water for nearly matched nails fried pork in it for the next shock chopped green onions sprinkled with chili colors used for hot page sallach location tomato lemon salt and pepper put into product requirements nails yellow pork marinade absorbed cockroach wings, fragrant sauce slightly sweet taste
good luck
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