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Tamarind sauce preparation

29/12/2016 2060 views
Tamarind sauce is a sauce typical of the South. Prepare cooked me, for me the boiling water, stir, remove seeds and fibers. Then the garlic, chilli, finely chopped ginger tamarind in water. Add sugar and fish sauce into. Mix it all for them, slightly thick sauce with rice thanks to me.
Tamarind sauce is used for eel dishes like fried eel, braised eel guise leaves or goby fry dishes, baked potato dish dried fish ... Whether any kind of sauce dots, it should be noted when coordinating principles seasoning ingredients.
That is:
- The diluted sauce, sour, sweet, slightly pale in accordance with the salad, rolls or rolling with raw vegetables or eat with noodles.
- The strong-tasting fish sauce, suitable for excellent boiled dishes (boiled chicken, boiled meat, boiled okra ...). Sauce, served with boiled seafood dishes also strong-tasting, sweet and sour colors but many.
- When you need to coordinate the preparation salty and sour before, then adjust the saltiness of fish sauce.
- Spices such as garlic, minced chili sauce should give in to the material ultimately will not penetrate sauce, characteristic aroma loss.
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