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Production process

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* Fish Sauce Production Process Phan Thiet – Mui Ne

Is Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce produced according to traditional methods linked to pasteurized processed, rinse the bottle and the bottle closed in accordance with the advanced technology, according to HACCP standards.

a) The traditional method of composting chuop (traditional) are: method using raw material is mixed with anchovy salt appropriate rate, through fermentation, stir to pull proceed uninterrupted until fully ripe.

Fermentation time, stirring, until cooked pulled withdraw completely from 12 -16 months

b) Production by advanced process technology, according to HACCP standards are:

Once cooked sauce through the system must be heated, pasteurized, heat exchangers short time, a large contact area, to achieve the optimum temperature to kill microorganisms help pasteurized, keep color, and taste RO water treatment systems reverse osmosis create clean water supplies are absolutely to standardize processes. The system is once again pouring hot eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, and then switched to bottling lines, filling automatically ensure food safety for consumers.

* Why say Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce fish sauce is pure and clean:


The main raw materials are 100% fresh anchovies absolutely not use any other type of fish to put on chuop. Before the fish into fish sauce or must be selected carefully, remove impurities such as clams, oysters, snails, algae, moss, and other fish … In the process of composting chuop sauce until fully cooked.

b-pure fish sauce.

Absolutely do not use banned substances Urea and toxic influence consumer health. The hand hygiene is always guaranteed raw materials.

Standard cleaning product Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce is represented at 03 production not:

+ No urea and banning toxic substances

+ No maggots, flies, incense, plait, is.

+ No odor, rot

c- The product Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce.

+ About categories.

– Special sauce 30g / liter (30N)

– Premium fish sauce 25g / liter (25N)

– Grade 1 fish sauce 15 – 20 g / liter (15N – 20N)

– 2nd sauce 10g / liter (10N)

– Sauce 1 – 5 g / liter

+ About brand products:

Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce include the type of protein: 10 proteins, 15 proteins, 20 proteins, 25 proteins & 30 protein.
Golden Dragon fish sauce
Mui Ne Huong Bien sauce.
Bien Hoa Mui Ne sauce.

Domestic outsourcing book Sirens sauce.

Exports are processed and exported directly to the US market:

+ 3 Region

+ Ham Ninh


+ Golden Shell

+ On the volume

Type 39ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 520ml, 620ml, 900ml, 2.000ml, 5.000ml …

+ On the bottle material: PET, glass bottles and PL.

Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce is distilled from 100% fresh and salted anchovies. With traditional secret, is brewed according to traditional methods chuop natural and manufactured on advanced technology lines closed process, HACCP standards. Since it was created pure line anchovy sauce brings TASTY flavor – Purified Nutritious true quality TCVN 5107: 2003.

Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce won many medals, gold cup for sauce famous brands, customers should be trusted at home and abroad regularly and also a SPECIALTIES GIFT YOU do.