4 nutritional ingredient

of pure fish sauce

  • Vitamin
            Vitamins B1, B2, PP and B12 nourish nerve cells, enhancing hematopoietic processes.
  • Iron
            Necessary for pregnant women, reducing the incidence of iron deficiency anemia.
  • Omega 3
            Good for brain, heart and eye development.
  • Amino acids
            Supplements of amino acids that the body can not synthesize itself.
Công ty Nước mắm Phan Thiết Mũi Né

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Phan Thiet Mui Ne Fish Sauce

Perhaps nowhere in the country with a unique sauce scent and taste her warm heart flutters sea as land in Phan Thiet.

Pte Mui Ne Phan Thiet fish sauce was established and put into operation from the date of 07/3/2002. Business Registration License No. 4801000305 by Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Thuan province with the level of production and business sectors are: manufacturing and export processing fish sauce. The organizational structure consists of: Board of Directors, Executive rooms Administration- Organization, Finance and Accounting rooms, studio rooms and Technical Production – Processing.

Each drop of traditional Phan Thiet - Mui Ne fish sauce creates a unique flavor, purity in each drop, awakening the hundred-year taste in every Vietnamese family meal.
Phan Thiet fish sauce - Mui Ne is different?
  • Products are filtered from 100% fresh anchovy and salt.
  • Be brewed in the traditional way.
  • Production on advanced technological process closed.
  • HACCP certification, ISO 22000 - 2007 TCVN.
  • Achieve quality standards in accordance with TCVN 5107: 2018.
  • Be used by domestic and foreign customers regularly.
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